Pilot project on Payment for Ecosystem Services in Vietnam

In partnership with Forum for Reforms, Entrepreneurship and Sustainability (FORES) and Environmental Economics in Sweden (EES) and the Vietnamese Biodiversity Conservation Agency (BCA), Daxam has been awarded a project to pilot a payment structure for the coastal wetland ecosystem services (PES) in Mui Ca Mau National Park in Vietnam in the context of climate change and poverty reduction in local community. The 1M USD project commenced the 15 of Nov 2012 and goes for 1 year with co-financing from Swedish Development Cooperation Agency (Sida).  The overall objective of the project is through a pilot PES, to do a reality check of the application of a relatively new concept of PES into a country where regulations have been dominated as major state governance tools. A PES structure will be constructed together with development and testing of small household livelihood models that generate incomes for the poor and provide means for the payment for the environmental services. Lessons learnt will be drawn for further replication of PES schemes in other areas in Vietnam.

Experts from Daxam will conduct field study to evaluate the ecosystem services which are potentially used for local livelihood models of small agribusiness and tourism. The experts are also in charge of stakeholder analysis and capacity need assessment to the national regulating agencies for them to effectively apply market based instruments such as PES in the management of biodiversity of the national parks. Daxam will also be responsible for the coordination between Swedish and Vietnamese implementing partners.