“Forum for sustainable development on the Mekong Delta (Vietnam)”

Ana from Daxam and Linus Hasselström from Enveco, representing Fores, were invited to give a presentation at the forum “Nature and Culture Conservation Forum for the sustainable development on the Mekong Delta” in Ca Mau, Vietnam.

This was the 5th edition of the forum and the theme was Maintaining Ecosystem Services in the Mekong Delta of Vietnam. The forum was organised by the Vietnamese Biodiversity Conservation Agency with the matching funds of WWF and Sida. 

Fores, EES, Enveco and Daxam are working together with Vietnamese partners in a project to pilot a payment structure for the coastal wetland ecosystem services (PES) in Mui Ca Mau National Park in the context of climate change and poverty reduction in the local community. For this reason, we gave a presentation titled "Using PES in Mui Ca Mau NP - An overview of ecosystem services in the NP and lessons learned from other ecosystem services markets"

According to WWF experts that were in Ca Mau, "the recovery and maintenance of ecosystems and their services require synchronization of local policies to ensure sustainable livelihoods for those still dependent on rice planting, fishing and aquaculture. Increasing awareness of the need for environmental protection in local communities is also critical—along with the development of Mechanisms and tools to support ecosystem service payments (PES)".  The main objective of the forum was to help policy makers in the region to better understand the importance of ecosystem services for economic and social development and environmental protection, and to show them the tools and policies that are available so they will be able to consider ecosystem services while planning the use of natural resources such as those provided by mangrove forests.