Times of transition

At the end of the year, I and my partner in life, Kaarina Dubee Rugiero, decided, for personal reasons, to move to France after 15 well spent, happy years, with Sweden as a base. More or less all of Daxam's Sweden based projects ended at the turn of the year so the transition happened rather smoothly. Kaarina and I will continue to operate under the Daxam brand from France, with the ambition to continue to serve Swedish clients with local associates and to help organizations in the rest of Europe from our new home in France. 

I would like to take the opportunity to thank the team for the efforts made during the years. It is only through our team that we were able to do what we did. A page is turning. New exciting opportunities await - to accompany the transition towards sustainable ways of living. This is even more true than when Daxam started, in 2006.


Jean-Dominique Rugiero

CEO of Daxam Sustainability Services AB