About us


Daxam Sustainability Services has existed since 2006 when Jean-Dominique Rugiero and Kaarina Dubee founded the company. In October 2011, the company became Daxam Sustainability Services AB in a merger with Mike Debelak and Fredric Norefjäll, with whom Daxam had already been cooperating for some years. 

Daxam is a team of experts committed to facilitate the co-creation of a sustainable future for all by enabling collaboration between system players. The team is committed to global sustainable development and is fortunate enough to have gained a high level of diverse international corporate and entrepreneurial expertise before making this commitment. To read about our personal journeys, please see the column to the left.

Our vision and commitment to creating a sustainable future for all, coupled with our diverse experience, provides Daxam with the ability and energy to facilitate the co-creation of solutions that benefit all stakeholders. Our vast, dynamic and complex network helps us stay on the pulse and catalyze meaningful, lasting value. So feel free to contact us about your particular needs, challenges and aspirations.


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